Celebrate your mehndi night in style, with friends and family, music and dance. An ever-increasing number of couples getting married want the build-up to the wedding day to have a traditional form of celebration with a modern touch.

So, instead of having mehndi at the girl's house, a hotel or hall is chosen, a professional band or D.J.'s. booked to provide the entertainment and the setting for the room done in a traditional way. The bride-to-be sits on a decorated jhoola while her mehndi is applied. In front of her, low height mehndi tables with mattresses and bolster cushions are set up for her friends to have mehndi applied as well.

The evening is full of music and dance with the couple's friends preparing special dance items. As it is a very informal occasion, even the older members are known to let their hair down and prepare a dance or two themselves!

Dhaba style stands and pan counters can also be set up to provide the food and refreshments from. The food can consist of full meals or snacks. Bhel puri, pau bhaji, idli sambhar and various chaats are favourites on this occasion. Alternatively, stands with different world cuisines can be set up to serve selected Chinese, Indian, Italian, Mexican or Thai dishes.