Get-together Party Gallery


  • Don't spend a whole bunch of money on something. Think of the party as a get-together, or tea time. Nobody spends a lot of money on tea, do they?
  • Send out invitations a week or so before the actual event. Some people are slow thinkers and take awhile to respond.
  • Have fun with it!
  • Consider a sleepover, especially with a party of all girls. They don't really sleep; they talk and gossip all night, etc.
  • Throw a surprise party.
  • If it's at school ask permission from your teachers. If however, you want to do this under the radar, plan it during lunchtime or in a part of the school where teachers are least likely to find.
  • Don't worry if your parents say no, just try it another time.
  • Make sure every thing you plan you agree with that person who is helping you do it.