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Still photographers and videographers have an uneasy truce. There are a great many amateurs as well as working pros that shoot both, of course. But, among creative and fine art photographers video is a world apart. Film makers and videographers are to a greater extent versed in still photography, since it forms part of their craft, but usually focus on their primary passion – the moving image and story telling.

There is an interesting convergence taking place though that is being driven by the equipment makers. Increasingly video capture is being found in everything from mobile phones and PDAs to digicams. Also, the price of near-broadcast quality video gear has dropped to the point that cameras and editing systems that were the dream of creative film makers just a short while ago are now within reach of almost everyone. The Sony FX1, for example, the leading Hi-Definition prosumer video camera currently available, cost about the same as a Nikon D2x, and includes a high quality Zeiss zoom lens.


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