Wedding Program Script   Yes  No  No
Card Design   Yes  No  No
Dress Design   Yes  No  No
Mehndi Design   Yes  Yes  Yes
Makeup Arist   Yes  Yes  No
Retunn Gift   Yes  No  No
Theme Decoration   Yes  Yes  Yes
Flower Decoration   Yes  Yes  Yes
Catering   Yes  Yes  Yes
Candy Photography   Yes  Yes  No
Studio Photography   Yes  Yes  Yes
HD Videography   Yes  Yes  Yes
Jib Crane Camera With Online Mix   Yes  No  No
Wall TV   Yes  No  No
Plazma   Yes  Yes  Yes
Welcome Girl   Yes  Yes  Yes
Shehnai   Yes  Yes  No
DJ System   Yes  Yes  Yes
Live Band   Yes  No  No
Band Baja   Yes  Yes  Yes
Bhangra Group with Dhol Wala   Yes  Yes  No